::: The Inverse Ring :::

The Inverse Ring is dedicated to Luna and Lina Inverse of the Slayers, in order to join there are a few minimal requirements:

1. You must like Lina and Luna (mochiron ^_~)
2. You must have some Slayers content in your page
3. No Smut please. (yes that means you!!)
4. You must fill out all the forms and put a HTML fragment on your page

Think you can handle that? Then follow the steps below to join.

1. Fill out this FORM
2. Put a HTML fragment for the ring on your page.
3. Make sure I can see the HTML fragment on your page, if I can't see it I may not add you
4. Wait for me to add you, your ID number will not work until I add you
5. If you need help, contact me

Thanks in Advance ^^

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